Your PEI Vacation Rentals and Cottage Rentals on PEI

As a locally owned and operated firm we are able to provide an extensive knowledge and understanding of Prince Edward Island and the available services that may be required to optimally maintain a vacation property. It is our goal to offer our clients and their guests the highest quality management and customer services on the Island.
We are confident that the combination of our unique management services (i.e. property styling, concierge services and capped fees) and the concentrated exposure that your property will receive on our website - from our �maximum property policy�, will confirm our professional approach and ability to successfully market and manage your PEI vacation property.   Initial Property Styling
Marketing Folio
Guest Reservations
Concierge Services
Financial Handling
Capped Management Fees
Please contact Melanie for more information about our property management services.

Please direct all of your questions and/or reservation queries to Melanie at 902.394.0594 or email us at relax@yourpeivacation.com.

We will be certain to provide a speedy reply to your email. Thank you for inquiring about Your PEI Vacation properties.
"We had an absolutely wonderful time and everyone we entertained were also in awe. I look forward to
bringing my family back here for a vacation."
- Laura Kenyon, Burlington ON